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Les Rochat,
de la famille comtoise à la tribu vaudoise

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One Country, One Family

The Editorial Project

Seven centuries of the Canton’s history through the eyes of a family

Nearly 600 pages, with numerous illustrations and the contribution of 17 authors, this book will present the Pays de Vaud from the dual perspective of both a family monograph and a rich regional social history.

An impassioned saga of
six hundred pages

A richly illustrated book

Seventeen specialised and
recognised contributors

The association

The 1480 Association de la Famille Rochat aims to foreground the history of the Rochat Family by supporting historical research, by promoting a sense of belonging and by forging family links in the Canton of Vaud, French-speaking Switzerland as well as in the rest of the world.

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The complete genealogy of this immense family with numerous genealogical charts related to it requires important financial means.

The various contributions will allow the making of the first book of this series, but also to finance the scientific research for the following volumes.