The Rochat Family Association

The Association


The Association: “1480 Association de la Famille Rochat” established in 2018, is a non-profit association, constituted byin 2018, neither political nor confessional in nature.

Its main aims are to support and promote research on the history and development of the genealogy of the Rochat Family (in particular through publications and gatherings), to make an inventory of documents and objects relating to the history of the Rochat Family and to make research available to third parties with a view to broader historical or sociological research relating to the Canton of Vaud.

Its Board
and Management

The 1480 Association consists of a voluntary board of six members:

President : Jean-Philippe Rochat,lawyer
Treasurer: Antoine Rochat, notary public
Secretary: Brigitte Rochat, Teacher at the Bugnon Gymnasium
Members :
Charles-Louis Rochat, Honorary State Councillor
Michel Rochat, CEO Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
Paul Rochat, Honorary Prefect

It is directed by Loïc Rochat, historian.


The 1480 Association finances its activities through private grants, donations, legacies, gifts as well as through capital incomes.


The Association is pursuing research work initiated by Loïc Rochat, a historian specialised in genealogy and recognised researcher. As an initial project,the Association is working on a first historical publication entitled “De la Famille comtoise à la Tribu vaudoise” (From the Comtoise Family to the Vaud Tribe), which will be published under the direction of Mr Loïc Rochat with the support of more than 17 academic contributors and which will present the Pays de Vaud from the double point of view of family monographs and regional social history.

The research currently underway will also enable the publication of further volumes from 2025 onwards, one of which is expected to be one of the most detailed genealogical studies carried out in Switzerland to this day.