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French-speaking Switzerland was shaped by the families who populated the area. Their history, adventures, development and achievements shaped the DNA of this country. Many families are immigrants from near or afar. The destiny of the Rochat family which originates from neighbouring France-Comté is particularly telling in this respect since the family is intimately linked to the development of the Canton de Vaud, a development in which it has participated from the 15th century to the present day. Rooted in the Vallée de Joux, the Rochats have first of all participated in its development for several centuries and then shared their diverse skills with other regions of French-speaking Switzerland. The family did not stop at the French-speaking part of Switzerland, since many of its members emigrated to Europe or other continents as early as the 18th century. Having arrived in 1480, Vinet Rochat and his sons certainly had no idea they would be at the origin of such a dynasty, through the passage of time, they were subject to political, religious, and economic upheavals. Little did they know that their descendants were to become deeply involved in the heritage of the Vallée de Joux, the canton of Vaud and French-speaking Switzerland, to the extent that their presence and influence extended far beyond the Jura mountains of Vaud.

Loïc Rochat is the initiator and director of the publication of this collective work. A historian specialising in genealogy, he has undertaken extensive research on the Rochat family for more than twenty years. In 2012, he created the “Revue vaudoise de généalogie et d’histoire des familles” the only review of historical literature which specialises in family history. In 2000, he launched the ambitious project of publication devoted to the Rochat family. In 2017 the association was created under the name of “1480 Association of the Rochat family.” A technical support team was then set up to organise scientific research and seventeen contributors specialising in the social history of Vaud were brought together under its direction. The project is now on track and requires financial resources to make it a reality. We invite you to support this research, the publication of the first book and the following ones.


This editorial project proposes to retrace the fascinating story of the Rochat family. A plunge into nearly seven centuries which will be transcribed in a prestigious publication, the first volume of which is scheduled for 2022. Nearly 600 pages, with numerous illustrations and the contribution of 17 authors, this book will present the Pays de Vaud through both the eyes of the family monograph and the regional social history. The themes dealt with will not only enable the Rochat family to learn more about their origins, but above all they will contribute to the archives of local history. The following volumes will present one of the most detailed genealogical studies ever carried out in Switzerland.

The first volume
Expected to be published by the end of 2022
Approximately 600 pages
A large-format volume
Richly illustrated

  • This first volume will be exclusively dedicated to the history of the Rochat family through 17 thematic insights and collected research.

The following volumes
Expected to be published in 2025
Around 600 pages per volume
Large-format volumes
Richly illustrated

  • These additional volumes will present the genealogy of the Rochat family as a whole, from the Vinet ancestry in 1480 to the present day, all the branches will be explained and presented.

The Rochat family is encouraged to provide their family photos, they can be inserted in the genealogy pages with their personal notice. The life courses and biographical elements of each person can now be added to the genealogy before the publication of the volumes.

Loïc Rochat

Jean-Pierre Bastian (emigration)
Sébastien Cala (sport)
Florian Chamorel (the context)
Pierre-Yves Favez (the first Rochat)
Pierre Gendreau-Hétu (the DNA)
Daniel Glauser (heritage)
Simon Lagger (special profiles)
Gilbert Marion (foundations)
Laurence Marti (economics)
Olivier Meuwly (politics)
Alexandre Pahud (the founding act)
Anne Philipona (the Mont d’Or vacherin)
Jean-Michel Rochat (the Mont d’Or vacherin)
Loïc Rochat (the coat of arms, genealogy)
Lucas Rappo (the 500th)
Lucie Rochat (the artists)
Virgile Rochat (the pastors)
Alain-Jacques Tornare (the military)
Nicolas Vernot (the coat of arms)

Christiane Klapisch-Zuber (preface)
Antoine Rochat (afterword)

Institutions and local authorities who are currently supporting the project


Public authorities

  • Commune de l’Abbaye and Commune du Lieu, cradle of the Rochat family
  • Commune du Chenit